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    Suicide Drone Launched By Salafi Terrorists

    ⚠️ Warning: Graphic Content


    🇹🇷🏴❌🇸🇾☦️ — Videos shared on Syrian and Turkish Social medias show the moment when a suicide drone launched by Salafi Terrorists from Turkish-backed Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) targeted Hagia Sophia Orthodox Church in the Suqaylabiyah area, Northwestern Hama province of Arab Republic of Syria

    The Church was funded by 🇸🇾🪖 Pro-Assad National Defence Forces (NDF) & Russia for the Syrian Christians who have been persecuted since the beginning of the Syrian conflict by the different factions that participate in the State of Belligerence in the Levantine country

    Today, July 24, 2022, would be the opening ceremony and inauguration of the Christian Temple, which had the participation of NDF Commanders and Russian Generals from Kheimimim Airbase

    Per the reports, 2 NDF fighters are reported dead, 12 other injured


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