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    Spain Supports Serbia On Kosovo Issue

    🇪🇸🤝🇷🇸 — On July 30, 2022, during an official travel to Serbia, the Social-Democratic Prime-Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez affirms that the Kingdom of Spain fully supports Serbia regarding Kosovo issue.


    Mr. Sanchez says that Spain and Serbia are “old friends” and that Spanish support to Serbia is based on International Law and that Spanish Government will always be allied diplomatically to Spain over Kosovo.

    The Social-Democrat ended his speech saying that will do whatever is necessary as the Next President of European Union to help it.

    Worthy noting that Spain has various of Separatist movements, like in Galicia, Basque Country, Andalusia & Catalonia and supporting the Self-proclaimed Kosovo Republic would open a legal basis for other countries to openly support such movements against Spanish State.

    🔗 Europa Press TV (@europapress_tv)


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