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    Monkeypox By Heterosexual & Homosexual

    This study, also from the Netherlands, describes how distinct networks of spread are formed by heterosexual and homosexual networks.


    Below is a simplified figure that shows how transmission within a heterosexual network can loosely be modelled by a bipartite graph, where men transmit to women but not men, and women transmit to men but not women. However, in a homosexual network there is no such separation between nodes, so they have significantly higher connectivity, which means disease can transmit to more nodes in more ways, and the average distance between nodes is shorter in an exponential manner.

    This is an important concept in describing the reality of the current Monkeypox outbreak, and explains one reason why homosexuals in particular are such concentrated reservoirs for a variety of diseases. The fact they also adopt behaviours like casually having many anonymous partners, practices involving the exchange of bodily fluids, and even phenomena like bugchasing, only increases this.

    Anon: Thanks to the data compiled by LeakyVax and others, we can see that the Monkeypox “epidemic” is a gay plague above all else. This presents a risk to the American ruling class as it undermines their constant messaging about egalitarian ideals and the “values” of tolerance for gays, transexuals and other types of sexual degenerates. With global and especially American parasite stress heightened, the Gay American Empire knows the idea of “gays spread disease” is incredible dangerous for the stability of their continent-wide nuclear armed insane asylum.

    From a geo-political point of view the media is like a giant ship, hard to steer to a new course, and its current course is obsession with medical data. The past two years of medical histrionics have heightened people’s antennas to the spread of disease. Before monkeypox, counter-narratives were already being spread to prevent “immigrants spread disease” from catching on. But because gays are a priest-class of the gay American empire, not a golem to bludgeon whites with like black immigrants, the defense of gays and their degenerate habits have been more neurotic and obvious.

    The reality is that nature used to punish these populations of people for their unhealthy behavior, and that ancient codes of conduct were laid down not to “stifle sexual freedom” but to prevent the spread of disease. Societal morals often descend from common sense reproductive health measures. If not for HIV drugs and antibiotics these communities of sex pests would have long ago succumbed to auto-immune disorders and other sexually transmitted diseases.

    This becomes a societal issue as well as gays and other sex pests have institutionalized preying on children and fetishize spreading their diseases to the general population. Any healthy society would already have put these people in death camps.

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