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    🇦🇷🌹📃 — Today, July 3, 2022, the Argentine Government announced that, to put an end to the new government crisis, it intends to replace Martín Guzmán, a figure seen as friendly to the market and Pro-IMF, by the Greek-Argentinean economist Silvina Batakis, majored in environmental economics from England’s University of York, who served formerly Minister of Economy of Buenos Aires Province


    Ms. Batakis, besides being one of the members of the radical and most left wing of the ruling Justicialist Party, going so far as to openly glorify Former Cuban Socialist Leader Fidel Castro, is widely detested in both urban and rural areas of Argentina for the fact that during your administration has increased property taxes by +30%

    While the local netizens debate the decisions of the Casa Rosada, the notion on the part of the Argentine public that the main desire of the Kirchenerist Wing of the Argentine Govt, that is, the total default of the Argentine debt, comes closer and closer to this announcement.


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