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    Flash floods and mudslides leave at least 53 people dead, Iran

    Heavy rains affecting Iran over the past 8 days caused severe flash floods and mudslides in which at least 53 people lost their lives, including those killed in a mudslide that hit the capital Tehran on July 28.

    • This is among the deadliest rain-related events to hit Iran over the past 10 years.

    The event started on July 22 when severe flash floods hit the province of Fars, leaving at least 20 people dead and 3 missing.1

    More than 30 people died in two villages northwest and northeast of Tehran on July 28 after a monsoon dumped heavy rain that triggered mudslides there, the state TV reported, adding that 24 people died in eight other provinces.

    There are fears the death toll will further rise as at least 16 people are still missing and more bodies were being uncovered after the rains abated.2

    The worst hit area on July 29 was Firouz Kooh, a popular tourist are in the foothills of Alborz Mountains northeast of the capital Tehran, where at least 10 people died and 6 remained missing, Tehran governor Mohsen Mansouri said.3

    Floods were still ravaging northern areas of Tehran province on Friday, he said, adding that despite repeated warnings, trekkers were still heading toward Firouz Kooh.

    The first video below shows a severe flood on the road leading to the town…


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    Featured image credit: Arab Storms


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