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    Alibaba pulls plug on Taiwan cloud services

    Alibaba says ‘China (Taiwan)’ disconnected from cloud network due to ‘business adjustments’


    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Alibaba has severed access to its private network from Taiwan, blocking users in the country from its cloud services.

    For users in what it designated as the “region” of “China (Taiwan),” Alibaba on May 19 issued the following terse statement:

    “Dear customers of Alibaba Cloud Cloud Enterprise Network (“CEN”), due to Alibaba Cloud’s business adjustment, Alibaba Cloud will cease the operation of China (Taiwan) region for CEN starting from June 30, 2022.”

    It stated that after the cloud network is discontinued in Taiwan, customers in the country would no longer be able to use the platform to establish network communication to connect to other regions. It explained that the cloud network in Taiwan would be cut off from other networks, including those in use outside the country.

    The firm, also known as Aliyun, recommended that in order to avoid service disruptions, customers migrate their services from Taiwan to a region nearby where the service is still available before June 30, 2022.

    Alibaba claims to have more than 2,800 content delivery network (CDN) nodes, including 2,300 nodes in 31 provinces inside China and more than 500 nodes distributed over 70 regions and nations outside the country.


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