HomeNews🇺🇸 ✧ 🌍 POTUS announces new US military deployments to Europe:

    🇺🇸 ✧ 🌍 POTUS announces new US military deployments to Europe:

    1. Create permanent HQ for US 5th Army Corps in Poland
    2. Deploy additional rotational brigade to Romania
    3. Deploy 2 additional F-35 squadrons to the UK
    4. “Enhance” rotational deployments in Baltics
    5. Deploy 2 additional Navy destroyers to Spain, bringing total from 4 to 6
    6. Deploy “additional” air defense to Germany, Italy
      “At a moment Putin has shattered peace in Europe… US and allies are stepping up, proving NATO is more needed than ever, and more important than ever”

    White House fact sheet:
    In Poland:
    “We will permanently forward station V Corps HQ Forward Command Post, Army garrison HQ, and field support battalion.”
    “First permanent US forces on NATO’s Eastern Flank.”
    “US will also maintain and seek to enhance rotational force presence…”


    In Romania:
    “US will position rotational Brigade Combat Team, thus maintaining an additional brigade on the eastern flank compared to our January 2022 posture. This additional brigade will maintain the ability to deploy subordinate elements across the eastern flank.”

    In Baltics:
    The US will “enhance rotational deployments – which include armored, aviation, air defense, and special operations forces… a persistent, heel-to-toe presence in the region.”

    US will forward station air defense artillery brigade HQ, short-range air defense battalion, combat sustainment support battalion headquarters, engineer brigade headquarters. 625 personnel

    Italy: US will forward station short-range air defense battery w/ 65 personnel


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