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    🇧🇦 Anon: The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The Dayton Peace Agreement (DPA) stopped the 4 year war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It defined BiH as one country with two entities (Republika Srpska and the Federation) and three constituent peoples (Croats, Serbs and Bosniaks) among a few others (national minorities). It guarantees the three constituent people of BiH that they will be represented in the government, elect their own representatives, hold parity and have the possibility of veto in the legislative chamber. All of this was done using ethnic quotas. What was done poorly in Dayton is that representative of each nation was equated it with their ethnicity and not as a legitimate individual within their constituent nation. This is the first loophole that Bosniaks used to create problems in Federation.


    The bodies that have a guaranteed ethnicity are: the three-member Presidency (one member for each constituent people), the upper house of State Parliament (House of People), the upper house of Federation Parliament (BiH and Federation has a bicameral parliament) and the Constitutional Court both on State and Federation level.
    The lower house of both Parliaments (House of Representatives) is organized according to the principle of one man, one vote. House of People has its Croat, Bosniak or Serb club and every club can say that particular law is harmful to the vital national interests of that constituent people.

    The High Representative was only supposed to supervise the implementation of the peace agreement, but in 1997. he was granted ad hoc so-called Bonn powers (completely illegal, more about it at this link: ) and subsequent decisions of the VP initiated the process of centralization of BiH and the reduction of the national rights of the constituent peoples. Since the Bosniaks are the most numerous people and the Croats the least numerous, it is not difficult to conclude who benefited from these decisions. I would single out the Barry Amandanes and Petrich amendments to the Constitution of the Federation as bad moves by the international community. You can read more about it at the following link (unfortunately only in Croatian:)

    Core of the crisis in BiH today: OHR issued a decree requiring that in the half of the country known as the Federation, each canton would have to elect 1 Serb, 1 Croat and 1 Bosniak delegate to the Federation’s House of Peoples. This meant that Gorazde municipality would elect 1 Croat to the House even though the entire municipality has only 23 Croats, and would have the same number of Croat representatives as Posavina canton which has 33,600 Croats. The result was that the overwhelmingly Bosniak population of Gorazde is now electing a “Croat” delegate to the House of Peoples, effectively denying Croats the guarantee of “constituent nation” status that had been guaranteed to them in Dayton. This loophole (created by OHR) of Bosniaks being able to elect Croat delegates in cantons with fewer Croats is now the subject of a plot in certain Bosniak circles: to have Bosniaks elect enough Croats in enough cantons in the October 2022 elections so that Bosniaks delegates and “Croat” delegates elected by Bosniaks can eliminate the majority of the Croat population from power.

    In order for Croats to put an end to this kind of fraud, political representatives sent an appeal to State Constituional Court known as the Ljubic case, in which the Constitutional Court confirmed that there should be legitimacy for every political representative (only Croats may vote for Croat representive). Based on that decision, the Croats want the Electoral Law to be amended so that Croats can exercise their rights from the DPA. A few months ago, negotiations were organized to reach an agreement between Bosniaks and Croats. Croats gave roughly 10 variations, but Bosniaks refused every one of them and did not give any of their own.

    🇧🇦Anon: In these complex world relations, the Republic of Croatia assured diplomatic support from the USA and the UK to change the election law via HR (although they were priror to this on the Bosniak side). But some 3000 people came to protest and HR retreated with the proposed election law changes and gave 6 weeks to domestic politicians to find solutions.

    In October of this year there will be elections in BiH. There are high chances that Croats will be scraped off their continuous nation status. If the situation goes that way Croatia will suspend Dayton under article 60 of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Croats in BiH will declare their own entity.


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